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Transters - Tractor Conversion Articulated Self Propelled Gravel Cart

During the land drainage boom in the late 1970ís & early 1980ís a hastened pace of machinery development was witnessed, both in trenching machinery & high capacity trench backfill equipment.


With selectable 4W.D. & articulated steering the machines are capable of finding traction when laden with 10T of stone, even in the most wretched of soil conditions.

M.T. Agricultural, based in Braintree, Essex, became one of the main suppliers of this type of specialist machinery during this accelerated phase in the land drainage industry.


Paul Beal of Aardvark Equipment Ltd. served his apprenticeship & formative years with the company in the 1980ís & 90ís before the company was sold to F.N.H. Global in 2000.


This vehicle design concept is still held in high regard in the drainage industry today & as such Aardvark Equipment Ltd. still supply parts for the remaining machine fleet.


Self Propelled 12tonne capacity, articulated steer gravel/stone cart with right hand discharge conveyor for backfill work in the land drainage installation industries.


Now using a Zetor 130hp tractor skid unit if required.


This machine uses a 100h.p. 2 w.d Ford tractor skid unit as a donor vehicle, with the articulation hinge, rear chassis, dump body & rear axle being added in kit for to build the product pictured. The concept was first trialed in early 1980's & by 1993 nearly 300 units had been manufactured & distributed around the globe.


This "add on" technology would be highly desirable to tractor manufacturers wanting to increase thier sales numbers & market share.


The engineering package is headed by Mr Paul Beal, who has over twenty years design & development experience of this product.


Aardvark Equipment Ltd. seeks to strike up a joint venture relationship with a large tractor manufacturer to produce a good volume of this style of articulated dump truck.


All engineering drawings & engineering principles will be made available under a working agreement, within which, contract exclusivity will be given to the most worthy suitor.

Product Details
Blue 4 x 4
Place of Origin United Kingdom
Brand Name Aardvark
Model Number Transter

Notable owners of these machines are:

Pearl Land Drainage Ltd., Ongar, Essex.

Lincolnshire Drainage, Boston Lincs.

Briggs Drainage, Sheffield, South Yorks.


Contact details:

Paul Beal - Machine Sales & Customer Relations.

Address: High Hall, Belchamp Otten, Sudbury, Suffolk. CO10 7BE. U.K.

Tel.: 01787 279196

Mob.: 07881 623700

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