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Barth K140 drainage trencher

  Barth K140 drainage trencher

Our machinery combine to form a land drainage unit, operated by a staff referred to as a "drainage gang".

Barth K140 drainage trencher with 100mm diameter perforated pipe, Case 956 with trench backfill blade & trench backfilled with cockle shell as a permeable medium. The pipe is laid at the bottom of the trench & a 300 - 400mm layer of cockleshell or 40mm aggregate above being finally reinstated with the spoil originally removed from the trench back up to ground level. Chain trenchers generally out-perform an excavator in terms of linier metres covered per day.

Trench grades as set out with a theodolite which are indicated to the trencher driver using boning rods on a "line of site" to give the required "fall" on the drain from the apex of the field to the ditch.
Land drain centres are usually 60feet or 20yards apart, however can be closer in more "ponding" prone areas.


Aardvark contract trenching offer a specialist contract trenching service in the local area working from their yard in Sudbury, Suffolk.


We are a highly recommended trenching contactors specialising in all aspects of agricultural, sportsturf and utility drainage works.


Aardvark specialist contract  trenching can offer a complete drainage service from planning and design to installation based on some 30 years combined experience in the field.


For trenching and groundworks in Essex and Suffolk choose Aardvark contract trenching. We have been providing an outstanding, specialist and trusted trenching and groundworks service for over 10 years. Based in Sudbury in Suffolk, we can provide our services to civil engineering, sportsturf and agricultural clients in Sudbury, Haverhill, Halstead, Braintree, Colchester, Ipswich, and Hadleigh.


Our customers range from green energy companies to farmers, who are all looking for a specialist trenching contractor and come back time and time again because we care about them, the quality of machinery, and the service we offer.



Above: Barth K140 trencher


Aardvark contract trenching will manage your project from start to finish.

  • initial site survey
  • method statement preparation
  • drainage scheme design
  • equipment and personnel provision
  • material supply logistics
  • scheduling
  • customer hand-over





Available trenching equipment

:: Barth K140 trencher

Case 956 tractor with backfill blade & Barth K140 trencher/ Case 956 tractor & 6 tonne gravel cart

For agricultural contract trenching in East Anglia

(locally - within 25-30miles of Sudbury)

Barth K140 contracting trencher Barth K140 contracting trencher 6 tonne gravel cart Also a Case 956XL 4 W.D. tractor & Aardvark M.T. 8 G.C. gravel cart for backfill

The Barth K140 is generally used for agricultural field drainage, but can be used in some civil engineering applications. It is a chain trencher & is suitable for friable, loamy soils, clay soils & clay soils with stone content. For rocky soil, concrete and tarmac please see our range of Rockwheel trenchers.

Barth K140 Trencher Capacity:
125mm - 300mm wide / 150mm - 1500mm deep


Coopers Transport delivering 60 cubic metres of cockle shell from the Thames Estuary for land drainage permeable medium - this is a very "green" use of a waste product, the contents of the cockle shells end up in supermarket ready meal Paella style dishes in Spain & Portugal.

We can also use 40mm aggregate, but this is a more expensive & less green option.

  For more information & an informal discussion on your trenching or land drainage project requirements please call:

Paul Beal of Aardvark Equipment Ltd on:

++44 7881 623700

find out about our Rock Wheel Trenchers >

(Available worldwide)


Barth K140 trencher
The 1982 Barth K140 in action, contract trenching near Acton, Sudbury, Suffolk


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