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8 Tonne Capacity M.T. Style Gravel Cart

The 8 Tonne Capacity Tractor Trailed Gravel Cart / Stone Cart / Clinker Cart/ Backfill Wagon is for use with rock wheel or chain trenchers as a backfill application unit.


600mm wide x 7200mm long endless conveyor belt capable of discharging 2400mm away from nearest wheel to prevent trench collapse.


Conveyor tilt system unique in the drainage industry; allows operator to "aim" gravel into trench.


Single braked 90mm x 90mm x 2000mm axle c/w 580/65 R22.5 Nokian Country King low ground pressure tyres.

Over 900 have been made over a 25 year period and they are U.K. produced.

It now comes with a fully automated electro-hydraulic controls & electric hopper vibrator


Towing eye mounted to 200mm X 100mm X 8mm hollow section drawbar, connecting with,

Fabricated front chassis box, leading to,

Twin 200mm X 100mm X 8mm hollow section main & cross members,


90mm x 90mm square section beam axle

8 stud x 275mm P.C.D., ISO standard hubs,

2000mm track

350mm diameter x 90mm drum brakes hydraulically actuated from tractor’s trailer braking spool


Floatation wheel/tyre combinations Nokian brand  “Country King” 580/65R22.5 on 16.00 R 22.5 rim


Inverted pyramid type.

Hopper door actuated by 1 x 250mm stroke D.A. cylinder


3.3m working length, folding, inc. 2 ply, 7.2m endless, 600mm wide belt,

1 x skeletal drive roller, 1 x skeletal end roller & 22 solid 52mm diameter gravity rollers,

1 x 100cc/rev hydraulic motor & C.E. approved chain guard & flow regulation tap,

2 x 400mm stroke D.A.  lift cylinders, 2 x 63mm stroke D.A. tilt cylinders,


TUV approved rear lights, 7 core cable & trailer plug


Requirement of 1 tractor spool, all functions being electro-hydraulic controlled from cab via 15 core “suzie” cable.


Ford Tractor Blue all over, metallic silver wheel rims & axle caps.


12V industrial hopper vibrator kit. (Rating: 30 second bursts every 2 minutes)

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Available in 6, 8, 10 & 14 tonne capacities





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