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New Aardvark Rototrench R.W.T 75 S Rock Wheel Trenching Train


750mm DEEP X 60 TO 135mm CUT

Trenching Train System digs trench, conveys away spoil, lays pipe or cable & backfills all in one pass at work rates of up to 600 linear metres per hour.


Robust & proven mechanical tractor P.T.O. drive ensures ground penetration even in the toughest of geological stratas.


Epicyclical final reduction gives massive torque magnification to the wheel & carbide teeth just where it is needed.


Aardvark R.W.T. 75 S working on a John Deere 6930 Autopower in the Black Mountains,U.K





  • Tractor requirement: 125 h.p. Preferably with hydrostatic or “Vario” (Fendt) transmission, although manual tractor with creeper box is sufficient

  • Three point linkage lift requirement: 5500Kg

  • Hydraulic spool requirement: 3 (min.) spools @200Bar pressure & 60-80l/min flow

  • Or full electro hydraulics operated from one spool only

  • Power take off requirement: 125h.p. P.T.O. output at 540/750/1000r.p.m



  • Agricultural Cat. 2 & Cat 3 linkage compatible

  • 1 ¾” Z20 tractor P.T.O. shear bolt coupling, inclusive of shear bolt coupling balancing

  • “80 V” series P.T.O. input shaft

  • Slip & over run clutch

  • Reverser gearbox 1: 1.48 ratio

  • “80 V” series P.T.O. shaft from reverser box to epicylic bevel box

  • Epicyclic/bevel box 13.65: 1 ratio

  • Heavy duty splined drive wheel shaft & tail bearing unit, shimmed clamp collar set

  • 1660mm diameter x 15mm thick digging wheel with weight saving cut outs

  • 6 piece digging wheel segments 135mm x 20mm (O/A wheel diameter: 1850mm)

  • fitted with 72 “Pengo Kenametal” tips

  • Available in 60 - 135mm cutting width to lay up to a 100mm (4”) diameter pipe

  • giving a max. trenching depth of 750mm using vertical mast height control



  • 400mm wide spoil conveyor right hand mounted with full width 75mm belt up stands

  • on 2.9metre centres giving a 2.0m to 2.5m high discharge height



  • Front mounted pipe reel & post

  • Over tractor roof guidance tube 150mm diameter

  • 150mm diameter guidance tube above conveyor housing & above pipe box

  • 117mm wide x 150mm square pipe laying box


  • Left hand entry backfill hopper with jockey wheels



  • Requirement of 60-80l/min. with electro hydraulic valve block

  • Laser grading integrated with electro- hydraulics optional


trench digging service

Robust fabrications ensure years of productive trench digging service

Trencher bevel gearbox.

At the heart of the machine: Reggiana epicyclic bevel gearbox.

Trencher looking rearwards from tractor seat

Slender design gives safe panoramic view when looking rearwards from tractor seat.

Trencher rail system

“German” vertical linear rail system

for exacting laser grades.


Trencher 3 D CAD design

Trencher headstock

 conveyor frame

3D CAD design & plasma cut

profiles ensure accuracy of build

Plough style headstock for

maximum build strength

Light but robust conveyor frame


digging wheel housing

Backfill hopper


"Exoskelital" digging wheel housing for extreme chassis strength

Backfill hopper inverted during fabrication for optimum positional welds

Light enough for most 125h.p. tractor 3 point linkage lifts

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