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Aardvark Equipment Ltd. Designers and builders of bespoke Articulated Dump Trucks & Trenching Machines
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Range of components available for:


Air filter elements & housings- automotive

Air filter pre cleaners

Air intake tubing/tracts

Alternators & starter motors

Anti freeze Ethylene Glycol; 25l, 205l & bulk

Anti - vibration rubber mounts - automotive

Attachments Excavator: clamshell & demolition

Attachments Loading Shovel: bulk & logging

Attachments Telescopic Handlers: selection

Attachments Truck Cranes: brick/block grabs

Augers: post hole & bulk handling

Auto electrical goods

Auto greasing systems

Auto glass

Axles specified / supplied for specific applications

Bearings (wholesale prices on 1 week lead time)

Belts automotive & industrial conveyor

Bolts (Specialist large industrial fasteners)

Brake discs & drums, pads & shoes

Bushes & wear pads (nylon)

Cables & control levers to pattern or drawing

Cameras & mirrors, automotive & industrial

Castings to pattern or drawing

Chains & sprockets

Chassis specified / supplied for spec. applications

Compressor oils, filters, spares

Conveyor & elevator, chassis & rollers

Clutch plates & linings

Cutting edges & bucket teeth

Diamond cutting teeth for rotary rock saws

Digging blades & chain

Digging beams & wheels

Drawing & design work on a consultancy basis

Electric motors for static plant

Engines specified / supplied

Exhaust Systems in stainless steel to sample

Exhaust components

Filters - (engine fuel, oil, corrosion inhibitor etc.)

Fire extinguisher / suppression systems

Flexible couplings to pattern or drawing

Gas springs

Gasket materials

Gearboxes for static & mobile plant

Greases - all grades: cart. & 12.5 Kg

Hydraulic accumulators

Hydraulic cylinders & seals

Hydraulic filters & gauges

Hydraulic hoses to pattern or drawing

Hydraulic oil coolers to pattern or drawing

Hydraulic motors, pumps & power packs

Hydraulic rotators (gear & vane)

Hydraulic test equipment

Hydraulic valves to pattern or drawing

In Situ line boring & welding machines

Lifting equipment - chains/webs/shackles

Lubricants - all grades; 25l, 205l & bulk

Machining work ie. re facing & re boring of mechanical components or new manufacture

Pneumatic components

Precision machined parts to pattern or drawing

Profiling work (cut in most mats. to drawing)

Prop shafts / P.T.O.s to pattern or drawing

Rads., intercoolers, aftercoolers - automotive

Rubber excavator tracks & skid steer loader. pads

Shimming materials, nylon & non ferrous

Slew ring bearings & pinions

Steel fabrications to drawing

Steering  & priority valves (hydraulic)

Tanks (steel & plastic)

Tools & industrial work wear etc.

Torque convertors & retarders

Transmissions specified / supplied

Tube or rod manipulation/forming

Tyres, pneumatic & solid plus sealant

Vibrators (industrial) electrical & hyd.

Wheel rims to pattern or drawing

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