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Moxy 3212B Articulated Dump Truck

Another key product over the years for M.T. Engineering & Aardvark Equipment Ltd. has been the Moxy 3212B articulated dump truck built for the Moxy corporation Norway between 1986 & 1990 & as an M.T. Engineering product from 1990 to 1993.


This concept gives extreme off road ability in deep mud or boggy conditions with large ground clearance & articulation hinge allowing for an "Aligator" style "zig-zag" steering motion in very heavy going. Chassis design keeps the dump body centre of gravity low allowing for vehicle stability & the slew ring bearing in the middle of the chassis allows individual wheels to ride over large obsticles or through pot holes, while keeping all four wheels in contact with the ground.


Based on a 4 cylinder 4.4l turbocharged Ford 7610 agricultural tractor skid unit, the fabrications were designed & added to the skid at the M.T. Engineering works, Braintree, Essex U.K. to produce a 12 metric tonne capacity articulated dump truck rated at 104h.p.


Approximately 150 of these units were made (mainly in the 1986 to 1990 period) & have now been dissipated to all corners of the globe, with many of them still running to the present day.


Aardvark Equipment Ltd. supplies slew ring bearings for the articulation hinge, dry multi plate clutch packs for 4WD engagement, articulation pins, bushes & bearings, 4WD gear sets (top gear & bell gear) that are added inside the tractor axle & any other part the customer requires.

On request we can also still manufacture this style of tractor converted 4WD dump truck from Ford, Deutz, Renault (Claas) & Zetor donor tractors. New vehicles are now designated Aardvark D12 machines.

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